Not Being Late Becomes An Easy Trait

Since I’ve worked at DDA, the staff has increased quite a bit. You might think that policies would change or become more standardized with the more people who work here, but that’s not the case regarding the time we arrive and leave work.

We’ve always been gently encouraged to arrive exactly on time, and promptly shooed out at 6 p.m. When I’ve shared this outside of DDA, people are often surprised this policy is strict. However, it doesn’t feel that way to me, even though I’ve never been a morning person, and I might be frequently late if given the chance!

Once I figured out how much time I needed for variations in commute time, arriving at 8 a.m. sharp became a habit, that, now established, is actually easier to stick to than if I had more flexibility to be late.

Oh, and asiago bagels every Monday morning, provided by DDA, helps too!