Nuts For Squirrels

My roommate took the screens out of the window last year. At first I didn’t like it but as I got used to it (trying it out before I insisted they be put back), I grew to like being able to see so outside without any obstruction. Since I’m on the second floor, bugs are hardly a problem.

So, this weekend a squirrel was able to get in to my kitchen through the open window. I was amazed it was interested in remnants of refried beans, but after some research, I found that squirrels eat almost anything. I suppose that makes sense for a rodent, but my mind’s eye image of a squirrel had mostly been an incredibly cute animal that eats only acorns and nuts.

Earlier this summer, I also had fun watching a squirrel from my other kitchen window, which is level with my next door neighbor’s black rooftop. I guess the roof was nice and warm, because the squirrel lay down in the rounded metal gutter, a perfect size for it’s body, and it took a nap! After some time it readjusted itself onto the black roof, to sleep a little more. Never having seen a squirrel sleep before, I thought it was sick at first, but after some time it bounded up and went on its way.

Squirrels really are cute, if your house is not overridden with them, and I can see why my office-mate Melissa wants to get a flying squirrel pet. I watched a few you-tube squirrel videos to get more cute squirrel fixes, amazed at how fast they move compared to cats. Kind of like the roadrunner.

So, how to relate this to DDA? Well, we don’t do ordinary work. That is partly because we spend a lot of time doing what we do, just because we like to. The longer you gaze at squirrels or at websites, the more likely you’ll see things beyond what you assumed was possible. So, the end result is that the combined concentration of all the DDA staff allows us to push the envelope a little further, make more interesting and fun web designs, graphic design, and animations, and that is one of the greatest rewards of all.