On-Line Video Spokesperson – Take 1 (From DDA’s Video Gallery)

Yesterday I created several concepts for a CD-ROM video of a health care program. It basically looks like a website, but the dimensions are a little different. The focus of the video will be a spokesperson talking the visitor through different aspects of the program via the menu items. Research shows that people respond positively to images of people, and I often keep that in mind when designing a brochure or postcard, and I think that using a live actor should give the video an approachable yet professional feel.

I created three concepts and chose actors from DDA’s video gallery. Months ago, DDA interviewed actors to choose for the DDA video actor gallery. You can go to www.ddavideo.com to see a video introduction for each actor, along with their resume.

For the concept mockups, I chose two actors: a clean-cut looking man in a suit, and my friend Holly! I’m really hoping they will choose Holly as one of the spokespeople, since I already know how professional, personable, and articulate she is in front of the camera.