Organization and prioritizing is key to juggling many different projects with time deadlines.

At DDA, we have established ways to be organized and we’re always looking to improve. For example, we just moved into a new office, and we were encouraged to ask for things like bulletin boards and other desk accessories that will help us be organized.

On a larger scale, we have an everyday practice of making a list of projects on-hand and reviewing them internally so that we can prioritize. This practice also enables us to give more accurate projections to clients regarding their deadlines.

Yesterday Carrie, Melissa and I came up with a better way to organize our graphic design files on our computers! According to our workload, or if one of us is on vacation, we sometimes work on each other’s projects. So, we mutually agreed on a standard way of organizing our files so that there is no question what stage the project is in. And, if any of us ever need to go back to an old file, we’ll know where to pick up. Finally, when the project is over, the files are archived.

We often need to access old files for clients who want to build on a previous project, and when there is organization, this process is a cinch!