Pixar Elixir

This past weekend I saw Wall•E, and the fun, animated movie was just the right elixir for my mood that day. I found myself wanting to see it with my fellow DDA videographers and 3-D animators to discuss the animation and effects.

Before DDA moved, I sat in a crowded room with them, with a forest of camera lights and projectors behind me. When actors came in to be videotaped, I typed quietly, and enjoyed the extra hub-bub around me. I got to see more of what DDA’s videographers and animators were working on, just by catching glimpses of their screens as I walked by.

Sometimes I contributed to a project… I’ve found background textures for videos, created illustrated 3-D rooms as backdrops for a spokesperson, and I’ve created a background and menu design for an informational CD-ROM.

Now that DDA has moved, I have my own office (shared with Melissa). The video guys (at least so far, they are all guys and one dog) are now in a room far around the corner. But even though we don’t see each other as often, we probably talk the same amount, since now we have a kitchen that we can all have lunch in.