Proofing the Pudding

Coming to work has been different since Tuesday because of the loss that one of our co-workers experienced, feeling her absence here during the day, and at home, thinking about how she is doing.

We were all going to dress up for Halloween at work today, but do not have the heart for that fun. I was going to be a spider. I already have four eyes so would only have needed to add two more on my forehead and on my cheeks. However, I’m grateful to have other eyes than my own two for proofing. We sent a sellsheet to our printer last week. We proofed it then, and on receiving the color proof, had several staff writers here proof it again. We found an extra space which needed to be deleted. Small detail, but important.

The advantage of having our fellow coworkers involved in the design process, whether it is a logo, a CD-ROM, an online tradeshow presentation, a sellsheetbrochure, or website, is a fresh pair of eyes and unique feedback. Invariably we find tweaks and corrections that improve the final product, and we also have the reassurance from our combined responses that the final product satisfies the client’s objective, and that it is done in an exciting and professional way.