Recipe For Good Photography

I’ve borrowed someone’s Vitamix, and with it have been making green smoothies out of bananas and spinach, or banana-mint leaves-and-chocolate, or watermelon-carrots-and-celery. It’s a forgiving process, but finding the perfect combination of proportions is worth making note of. Combining ingredients this way is a bit like combining two different colors like blue and yellow — together they make a completely unique color — or taste, in this case.

Whenever I make smoothies I remember a recipe book I saw on raw food and smoothies. I remember it because the food and model photography was exciting. The bursting-with-positive-energy author appeared throughout the book in various jumping poses and wearing kind of effeminate outfits. A little odd, but interesting, and it stuck in my head. Or maybe I was just more alert after eating the wonderful raw squash-mango-cayenne pepper soup I made on page 62.

DDA isn’t afraid to take a daring approach to photography, either. One of our most recent projects is photographing Jess, upside down, for an animated customer tutorial on upside-down mortgages. Jess gradually turns right side up, with a smile on her face, as each step of the tutorial is completed. Since upside down faces can appear very odd, this was a challenge. Check out this link to see why this isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, after several shots, Jake, one of DDA’s photographers, succeeded in getting one that worked. From the next room, I could hear Jake directing Jess. He does a great job helping models get the right expressions down when they are being photographed or videotaped.

Check out our model digital photography portfolio, or our food photography portfolio, and see some of our work!