Savvy Navigation

We just launched a website with a “Google-ish” search function that appears prominently on every page of the website. It is like a Google search function in that it is simple and the prominent search area on the page.

This is an example of how DDA moves along with constantly advancing navigation trends. As people become more web-savvy we can move away from old-fashioned rules of designing web pages, and incorporate new navigation methods, both for their function and for aesthetic appeal.

For example, websites used to display bright blue underlined links, but now people are so familiar with links that we have more flexibility — we can make links bold, red, and with delicate dotted underlines, and it is still very clear they are links.

At DDA, it is a team effort to decide how to organize the menu links and what hierarchy to give them. We pay attention to where links are placed on web pages (especially the home page) so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for and so that they are more drawn to certain sections of the website.

In this way, a website home page is like a printed advertisement. Often special links are pulled out and made into attractive buttons, just like call-outs in a printed piece. The home page may have prominent taglines that quickly summarize what the company specializes in, reinforcing a clear message and giving the visitor quick information.

DDA’s clients can rely on us to be up-to-date on new navigation methods, and yet not too far ahead to exclude those who have older browsers and computers.