Setting Tables is Easy for Southern Belles

One of my favorite things to do for web design and for print work, especially brochures, technical sheets, and sales sheets, is to create tables. This is something I did quite often when creating illustrations for math textbooks — look in DDA’s Illustration Portfolio in the technical category to see some of these graphs and tables. Or, take a look at some of DDA’s sell sheets, in the “Print” portfolio.

Maybe it’s because my mom, raised by her southern grandmother, loved to follow rules of etiquette. She taught me how to set a table, and why the knife should be turned in toward the plate, and that the small fork should be on the outside. Years of managing a restaurant reinforced my table setting training.

I also like arranging tables of data in ways that make them easier to digest. Not being a fine-china type of girl, I like to create minimalist tables that just give a suggestion of order in the background. My mouth waters when choosing from the possibilities of colors and line widths, just like it does when selecting from a buffet of really delicious Indian food.

Luckily, Adobe Indesign has some wonderfully easy tools to help create tables, or import tables from different programs. It’s also possible to import Indesign tables into Photoshop, which is just what I did recently for a technical data sell sheet. All that’s left for me to do is have fun with it!