Staying In The Present

Projects are seeming to pile on, and you’d never guess that holidays are approaching based on client deadlines. The end of the year simply serves as a good point mark to have projects finished. But, after working here for 5 years, I know that somehow, it all works out. Knowing that, and focusing on the task at hand (that is, our prioritized task list, which we update every day), prevents much anxiety about other projects from interfering. I’m planning on using this knowledge as I anticipate completing buildout of two personalized website templates, which will include a medical education video and medical patient support, along with coordinating brochures, by the first week of January.

If we don’t do something at DDA, it’s because we decide it’s not best for the client or it won’t fit into their budget. Otherwise, there is always a way to make it work, whether it’s fitting in extra content in a tight space or meeting a tight deadline. Amazingly, rarely has anyone needed to stay overtime.

That’s a great reason to work with DDA. Accurate estimates, the ability to adjust and switch gears, evaluation skills, and meeting deadlines with quality results. All the result of practice and experience.