Many things function smoothly in my life… they are routine and what I’m doing works. I get up, make lunch, work, talk on the phone, spend time with others, relax, and exercise. This is effective — keep doing what works. However, it can be easy to fall into a routine and then take for granted that it is the only way. Eventually this can lead to boredom or being stuck in a rut.

That is where my appreciation for life’s surprises comes in. Yesterday, I received one of those surprises, as a gesture of gratefulness from a friend. That small gesture injected new energy and new possibilities into my day today, because I feel re-inspired by an ability to look beyond the routine way of doing things.

Today I am purposefully practicing gratefulness myself, and I feel sure this will bring more creativity into my work. One of my first thoughts is to discover another approach to designing a website or brochure. In a way, every time I start a new piece at work, I feel this sense of adventure.

Luckily, at DDA, I’m surrounded by a team of people who practice discovering new approaches all the time. It’s part of keeping things fresh and up-to-date, from writing good copy, to implementing cool programming, to designing websites.