The Versatility of Trade Show Graphics

Today I am creating a trade show graphic. It will be an addition to three other pop-up graphics we have already created for this company for a past trade show. Their goal for this trade show is to attract employees as the company expands, and this will be the main message for the graphic I create.

Besides delivering a message, another function for trade show graphics can be as part of the trade show booth’s “set design,” creating a background mood through colors and images. Those kinds of graphics are especially fun to create because they can be painterly through the use of collage and texture, sometimes having no text at all.

Trade show graphics have a unique set of requirements for their composition. For example, most of the message usually needs to be toward the top of the banner, if it stands on the floor. The bottom part of the graphic is often partially obstructed by a booth table or pedestal, and of course, people standing in front of it.

The text for a trade show graphic must be large enough to be readable at a standing distance, and succinct, to catch people’s attention as they walk by or look around admidst the hustle and bustle of a trade show.

Because of the large physical size of a trade show graphic, the resolution of the image needs to be lower than if it were a printed piece. This is necessary to keep the file size down, as it can easily exceed a few gigs. The printing process is different for trade show graphics than for printed pieces, and the process varies according to the type of material the graphic is printed on.

There are many unique structures to choose from for trade show graphics, such as pop-up banners, roll-up banners, hanging banners, and more. Options allow for easy portability and installation.

The only thing I wish for in this process, is that I could be at the show to experience the effect!