Things To Look In To

This weekend I went to see the Dalai Lama speak on The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, written in 1402. This literature became one of the key works in the world of Tibetan Buddhism.

The line was long to get in, and we had to leave all bottled liquid outside. Inside the big stadium, I sat all the way in the back, but still had a good view because the Dalai Lama was projected onto a screen, with subtitles below. Almost everything he said was translated by the evenly modulated voice of the translator.

Not being very familiar with Buddhism, I had trouble following the analytical proofs being discussed, though I left inspired to look into it more. Perhaps if I can understand it more, I’ll be able to prove to myself that I can be enlightened — ha!

Something else I always have on my list to look into is DDA’s website. We frequently update the website and add to the portfolios, so there is always something new to see or read. I try to catch up on reading my office mates’ blogs just because it’s fun and to learn more about what they are doing. I get tidbits of information on search engine optimization, programming, video, animation, project management, and writing, all injected with DDA’s unique personalities.

Later this week I’ll be adding new logos to DDA’s Quick Quote email. One of the logos is dda apps, which I’ll read about for the first time when that page is added to the website.