Trade Show Worlds

Trade show graphics are in a unique world by themselves. Sometimes the graphics convey particular messages, and sometimes they provide backdrop ambiance. Sometimes the world is an Alice in Wonderland one.

For a previous medical trade show we created a forest of trees out of larger-than-life-sized needles. For the same show, I created several 10-foot by 17-foot trompe l’oiel backgrounds of surgical rooms, with 3-D mannequin parts sticking out of the drawing!

Creating graphics at such a large size has unique challenges and rules. The fonts must be readable, the file must be examined carefully for image quality, and the file size has to be manageable.

Today, I’m working on a 10-foot high, 4-panel graphic and wrap-around pedastal for a company for which we have created other printed literature. I like that the literature and other graphics we’ve created for them are visually integrated with each other. We’re also photographing a product for this company today, so that it will be large enough to use for the trade show graphic I’m creating, and now they’ll have the photograph on file to use in any future projects as well.

I hope that people visiting their trade show booth will, at least for a few moments, feel immersed in a unique world.