Transitions Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about transitions. Today I’ll continue that trend and talk about my transition to being a more frequent blogger. One technique that we bloggers at DDA use is to make some kind of analogy between random topics and DDA. I’m hoping to improve my analogy making skills.

Luckily I do have some practice in that area. I’ve been using it to learn Chinese words, because I’m going to China next month for vacation. One of my friends is learning Chinese, and sometimes calls me up for a daily word. I don’t expect to be able to use these words in China, or to be understood, but it’s addicting to keep learning. Part of the fun is in the associations my friend and I make with the words. Here are some examples:

English: “new”

Chinese:  “sheen” (makes me think of things shiny and new)

English: “cat”

Chinese: “mao” (sounds like meow, or, are their cats communist?)

English: “vehicle”

Chinese: “chu” (trains go choo, choo)

English: “clean”

Chinese: “ganzen!” (Doesn’t that sound like what a superhero with cleaning superpowers would exclaim? “Ganzen!!”)

Ok, now let’s try it on for the purpose of this blog. In the areas of website design and marketing, the DDA dialect is rich with many words that have distinct meanings. You could say that DDA’s vocabulary is to website design and branding as Alaskan natives’ vocabulary is to snow.

English language: “website”

DDA dialect: “search engine optimizedkeyword richvideo enriched marketing vehicle”

English: “drawing”

DDA: “technicaldigital, photo-realistic, representative, or stylistic illustration”

English: “widget”

DDA: “dda customized applicationcrm software”

English: “happy”

DDA: “happy” (some things are the same in any language!)