Gasoline Cans, Viceroy Butterflies, and Good Advertising

Advertising may seem like a man-made invention, but it is part of human makeup to be creative and it’s necessary for our survival to be good at attracting attention. Unlike the monarch butterfly, creating good advertisements and good design requires continually reinventing our spots. Like a good advertisement, a viceroy butterfly, which looks similar to a monarch, causes a strong reaction in its target audience, but with a twist. Its hungry predators never find out that it’s not poisonous like the monarch because they see it’s markings and get the message — STAY AWAY!

In my previous blog I talked about how to attract attention in order to get picked up on the side of a road. I know of a person who had a backpack shaped like a gasoline can, and he carried it while walking on the side of the road. Invariably, he’d get picked up by a concerned driver, who would ask, ‘So, I guess you need some gas?’. He’d reply, ‘No,’ and the driver would feel a little perturbed, but he’s a nice guy and they never kicked him out of the car. I guess he traveled far and there are many drivers, so he was able to keep using his gasoline backpack for a long time.

DDA has attracted attention not only in Philadelphia, through our professional website design and comprehesive services, but nationally.  That’s because DDA is great at reinventing its spots. Take a look at DDA’s portfolio page to see how we’ve evolved to have six specialty spots, DDA MedicalDDA VideoDDA AppsDDA CMTDDA SEM, and DDA USA.