A Bliss-ful Evening

My Graphic Design class started yesterday and I have to admit that I am already a little intimidated. This class is offered at a community college as opposed to an ‘art college’. You might be wondering, “What the heck does that have to do with anything?” A lot, actually. I tend to find that some, not all, ‘art college’ classes are too laid back. Those classes are usually run by teachers who have the mind set, “All art is good; the experience of making the art is more important.” This attitude towards the class basically tells the students, “if you can b/s your way through this class, feel free to.” It is a sad, yet true critique on a type of art class found commonly throughout certain majors in art specific colleges. I bring this up because I was impressed by how structured the Graphic Design class is; and so far I’ve only attended one night.

Immediately we began discussing the campaign we will be slaving over for the semester. (I used ‘slaving’ to describe the amount of work, not necessarily a negative tone.) For the next class we are to bring examples of 3 bottles that attract us, a magazine and a web ad that will help us create a visual for the look we want and 20 thumbnails of designs. The campaign will be centered around a liquid drink called “Bliss”. Right now “Bliss” is nothing more than a concept that each student can mold into whatever he or she wishes. For example, the logo for Bliss could have a grunge or a green feel to it; it’s for us to decide. I will soon be busy designing logos for my version of “Bliss”, and I have to admit I’m not sure which way to go.

I instinctively lean towards urban or grunge looks, but I also enjoy a clean simple feeling design. I suppose I will have to try a few different styles of logos and decide from there. Important things to really think about at this stage are my target demographic and what kind of liquid drink will Bliss be? Who knows? Stay tuned for my adventures in Bliss.