A Late Post

These past few days I’ve been struggling to find my blog topics. It’s been so hard that I sat to think about it, then pushed it aside for another project. An hour later I’d remind myself, “Oh, my blog!” only to put it off again. 5:45 rolls around and I had another “Oh, my blog” moments, but this time I can’t put it off. I sometimes feel for Andrew who proofs my posts because there have been a few days that I call him at 5:55 saying something like, “Um…I just posted my blog…”. Days like these happen for one of two reasons, one being I had so much to do that blogging was furthest from my mind and two, I just couldn’t think of anything to write.

I’m not a writer, nor do I have a passion for writing, but it is a hobby of mine. Of course I much prefer to write about something fantastical, something completely different from the activities of my every day life. So when writing for DDA, I really have to think about what to write about that is interesting to me. If I’m not interested in the subject I’m writing about, how can I expect others to be? I don’t want to repeat myself and have a stale blog, which is really difficult when I have long term projects that don’t seem to end or change.

This week has been spent continuing some projects that I have already posted on; a hat brochure, updating a large website and putting the finishing touches on another website. I really wish that I could say we all went to the moon and took some product photos of cheese, but that’d be lying. Ooops, it’s now 5:55. Sorry Andrew!