A Little Off Topic Excitement

This morning started like every other of my previous mornings for the past week. I woke up at 5 am due to my dad’s coughing, gagging and frequent (loud) hacking from his cold. And like the days before I tried to sleep through it and it didn’t work. Then my alarm promptly went off at 6, but of course, I was pretty much awake by then. I fed my Bearded Dragon and Leopard Gecko, washed up, took a hot shower and finally grabbed my frozen lunch on my way out the door. I was early! A whole 10 minutes early, and when I’m early that means I stop by the Bagel House for those delicious Asiago bagels. I was still early when I stopped for my breakfast at the B.H. so went in, bought my bagels and ran out. I jumped in Jeepie (my precious but fussy Jeep Wrangler) when I found she would not start. I had only been out of her for 3 minutes and her battery was completely drained! After laughing at my scenario I called my mechanic and left a message with DDA. The message went something like, “Hi, it’s Melissa….my car literally died in front of the Bagel House….can I get someone to pick me up?” (Funny + Awkward = Awesome Beginnings)

David to the rescue! David drove up to help give Jeepie a jump. It took a while for her to start, but finally she did and I was able to drive to work. After calling my mechanic a second time to tell him what had happened, he mentioned that I must have a loose connection and to bring her by after work. We’ll see how that goes. Her ‘check gauges’ light went on in the half a mile from the Bagel House to DDA. This pretty much concludes this morning’s chapter of fun and excitement. Oh yeah…and I was late for work after all.

If I had to relate this experience with DDA, I’d have to say that we are faced with challenges, difficulties and changes of heart in all sorts of client related work. Sometimes they are very unexpected and abrupt changes. We keep our heads cool and find ways to tackle each problem efficiently. And we’ll do it with a smile as long as there are Asiago Bagels waiting for us. Well…at least for me.