A Tiring Weekend

This past weekend was a wonderful disaster. You may be asking how any disaster can be wonderful, but it can. It started the day I got back from CA; I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend when learned I had the opportunity to grab an open table at a convention in New York. I immediately spoke with a friend who said that I would be able to stay with her, so I claimed the table space right away. Late Wednesday night my friend emailed me back to say that it would not be possible to stay with her after all. With two days to an unplanned convention, no where to stay, half my merchandise an hour away, me needing to pick up my friend who was coming into the city to help me man my booth, and homework that needed to get finished, I was under a lot of stress.

Even under all the stress and time constraints I tried to maintain a level headed coolness. Freaking out about the total of 6 hours I had to complete everything I needed to do would not get me in a better place. When my friend arrived I updated her on everything and gave her the worst case scenario; which was that we would have to commute from philly to NYC every day of the convention. Well, Friday morning came and we were unable to secure a place to stay, which meant we spent 4 hours in the car each day. (Which was really ‘awesome’ with all the rain and morning mist.) We even had the pleasure of taking the wrong turn and driving over 120 miles out of the way. And these are only the highlights of some of the disasters.

However, while at the convention everything went very well. It was my first NY con and we received a lot of good feedback on some new projects that are underway. We were also able to hand out a good amount of flyers and other freebies. I got some good ideas on future table/booth set ups and made quite a few new contacts. My friend had a good time and was able to do some things that she had hoped to do. She even won a raffle, which made my weekend better knowing hat she was having fun.

Fortunately working at DDA has better prepared me for a bombardment of last minute tasks. In a single day we can have all of our ‘ongoing’ projects get approved and need them finished by the week’s end. Or a client can call in and need 4-5 projects done by the end of the day! I’m not exaggerating either.