A Weekend’s Work

Things seem to progressing regarding our impending move into another house. While there are still tons of things that need attention, we are finally nearer than we had been last October, which was around the time we purchased it. Electrical work still needs to be done to the whole downstairs, basement and garage, walls need to be dry-walled and patched up, wallpaper still needs removal and painting needs to follow. Rewiring the upstairs has been a month long process in itself. All the old wire came down and brand new, up to regulation, wire replaced it. The basement was another large project. We had to have it waterproofed, put a sump pump down there and then had to have the floor and some walls re-cemented. After the cement was finished, we painted the floor and walls with waterproof paint. Now that all the painting is done and dry, we started moving all of our storage boxes and racks in. We were supposed to set everything up Sunday, but we were so sore from Saturday’s transporting two full truck loads of boxes, totes and racks down 4 flights of stairs. Since there are no boys in the family, I got to carry the heavier stuff. My calves are still screaming. I’d like to go after work to set up the racks so we can start the organization process for the storage space, but there are so many things that I need to do tonight! (As usual)

At DDA I am equally busy, although my calves are getting all the rest they need. Sitting on my bottom all day might add to my accumulating cellulose, but right now, my legs don’t care! We are currently well into the process of updating the blue bar menu from last Thursday, I’m working on a brochure and single sheet insert, updating images on a site that needs to go live soon and some other DDA related projects. With some of the projects we get at DDA, I tend t wonder what tomorrow will bring.