A Younger Generation

Last week I had the chance to talk to Middle School Students about what I do in my job and personal work. While the talk was centered mostly on the importance of drawing from life and how it can improve all artistic skills, I did have a chance to talk about DDA. I keep forgetting how little you know about jobs when you are that young. Most of them probably hadn’t even thought about life past high school. I can only hope that their small worlds were expanded a little due to speaking about the nature of my work and the importance of education. It is sad to see that kids these days are growing up without comprehending the importance of school. Although I touched on variety in skills and interests, sadly, I doubt many took it to heart. They seemed to enjoy hearing about web design and graphic design, but I think I lost them a little when I began to talk about brochures and other print related work. At such a young age they seemed to be more obsessed with ‘bling’. You know, the ginormous, shiny, gaudy jewelry? The kind that blinds you as you drive down the road. Yeah. It will be interesting to see how many of the 200+ students that were present for my presentations actually go through art college. Only time will tell.