Asiago Day

Mondays at DDA have always been the day when bagels are purchased for those who work here. Pre-me there were no asiago bagels; plain and everything were the choices for the prior year I worked at DDA. It just so happened one week that Debbie took an order for different kinds of bagels. I remembered eating an asiago bagel once and liking it, so I requested one. Now we get 6 asiago bagels each Monday and have to fight each other off for the opportunity to obtain these cheesy bagels of goodness. As a result, we now refer to Mondays as Asiago Day. Heh, well I lied. We really don’t refer to it as Asiago Day…just me.

It may sound silly to you, but there comes great satisfaction with a good meal to start the day. Perhaps a bagel isn’t the first choice of breakfast, but every time I sit back at my desk after eating the bagel of cheese, I am ready to work. There comes no grumble from my stomach as I design my Sell Sheets. No pang of great hunger as I prepare Print Newsletters for client preview. Not the slightest sound from her (my stomach) as I design a new Website template. Nope, nada. At least not until lunchtime…which is now.