Back to Stay

The final large scaled convention of the year has ended for me. I am glad to be back home. This week will be spent resting and cleaning, a perfect end to a month’s worth of running around and packing/counting inventory. Any other cons that I decide to attend from now until February 2009 will be as an attendee and not a vendor. Ah, Fall and Winter con life is good.

Now that I am back at work, with no other foreseeable long business weekends, I am rooting myself and preparing for the upcoming work. Already today was spent wrapping up many little projects I left behind last Wednesday. I had plenty of emails to go through this morning, but I was glad to see that there were no hitches.

I was able to take product photography, finish a DVD entrapment design, complete a brochure insert, trouble shoot a revived site’s menu and expanded design and start the last stage of another site’s completion. A good day’s work.