Blank Page?

This morning’s blog proved to be the most difficult yet. As days go by I feel like I have less and less to talk about. At least in writing content that is work based, has keywords and is SEO friendly. I have to admit that I pretty much stared at the blank page for a while hoping to come up with something intelligent to write or touch on a topic I have not previously written about. Nothing came. Instead I thought about the blank page and something I heard when I was young about a blank page being the hardest step to overcome. Once you make your first mark or write your first word, it will all be downhill from there. Even talking with some of my peers they have expressed to me how intimidated they feel when staring at a blank page. I tend to laugh to myself because I don’t recall ever finding a blank page intimidating, not when it comes to art that is. I actually prefer a blank canvas. It then has the opportunity to become whatever the imagination can envision and always holds the chance of changing with you. Once an image is drawn onto paper, it gives up the freedom to improve. Instead it become a mile marker of your current talent. With noting on the paper, screen or canvas, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately we have a seemingly endless supply of blank materials.

Writing on the other hand is a different story. I’m confident in my art, but I know that I am not a writer. I enjoy writing, but that doesn’t make it my forte. Looking at the page I already feel more accomplished and less intimidated by its previous blankness. It would have not been so intimidating if I were writing a fictional story, an email, or something personal in one of those private online journals. Writing about work is hard for me because I have to worry about keeping a certain amount of professionalism, anonymity and respect. I must keep many aspects of the job hidden, like names of clients, and sometimes how I truly feel about a project. I also have to keep in mind that how I present myself, even in words, reflects my work place and employers. I can never feel as though I can be ‘myself”, although I have to admit I do come closer than some. But it’s never the same. I almost feel as though I am writing empty words because they have to somehow relate to online search engines. So now I come to the point in my entry where I feel I have to scramble to make my post SEO friendly by integrating words like, ‘website design’, ‘Dynamic Digital Advertising’, ‘print brochure’ or ‘videography’ into it. Or I could just let it be.