Bliss – Day 2

Last night I had a chance to think about who I wanted to market my drink to and what it could be. Endless possibilities were running through my mind; as an imaginative person, I found myself coming up with far out concepts. Like I stated in my last post, I ruled out sports and carbonated drinks and thought about what I enjoy drinking. My first thought was water; people tend to underestimate the power water has in energizing and clearing the body; however, it seemed too overdone for me to work with that. Good quality bottled water is already out on the market and I wasn’t sure that it would make sense to gear water, in any form, to a ‘grunge’ crowd. Iced teas were my next train of thought. I liked the concept of having tea, a seemingly ‘safe’ drink and giving it an ‘alternate’ twist. Then I thought, “what doesn’t exist in the market?” An image of a sky pirate, in the steam punk fashion, drinking from a glass or plastic bottle came to mind. I went further in this thought and combined an element of an asian drink’s bottle design, which incorporates a small glass ball within the drink. Why couldn’t the concept of a glass ball in a drink be expanded and let it have more of a purpose? What if, in the process of drinking, the glass ball is sent on a spiraling journey towards and away from the opening? Many things about this fantasy didn’t really make sense, and I’m not going to go through that. My mind went into other directions and I thought about shapes of ‘bottles’ I have enjoyed, flasks being one of the more fun examples. Still, I strayed from my initial train of thought.