Bliss – Day 3

Today I found a green tea natural energy bottle of pills laying around my house. My dad tends to randomly purchase health food items and vitamins as he sees them on TV. Since I am an avid fan of green tea, I slipped it into my purse and tried some this morning. I didn’t really care to read the information fully, I stopped at the recommended amount of intake. Thirty minutes later, I found myself very hyper. Very hyper. My foot was bobbing a mile a minute and I couldn’t sit still for the next 2-3 hours. Every time I looked at my foot, I found myself trying to calm down. After many failed attempts, I closed my eyes and slowly breathed in and out. I was talking to myself out loud and kept saying over and over again, ‘bliss’. It wasn’t until the third time saying it that I realized the irony. Another hair brained idea popped into my mind; what if there were a drink that calmed people’s nerves? I went further with that thought and asked myself, “What if there a drink geared for all those ADHD people out there?”I like the idea of a drink that calms someone, which would be the opposite, or possibly nullify a caffeinated beverage. I’ll keep thinking.

The thought process ended with me going back to the possibility of an alternative iced tea.