Bliss – Day 4

Last night I attended my second class in Graphic Design. We ended up working all night long on refining the logo designs we created for homework; with the purpose of finalizing them, sketching out color comps and then making computer versions. Our logos are already due next week! We also have to sketch out our bottle designs to hand in on Monday as well. I’m going to be super busy this coming weekend… There is also a lot of reading involved in this class, and I am somewhat behind because my books haven’t arrived yet. Hopefully they will come before I leave for my trip to CA; then I can read everything on my flight.

There is still much preparation that I need to complete before I get to the digital stage and choose an existing font for my Bliss logo.

Oh, and I did finally decide my target demographic! I’m gearing Bliss towards artists. I’m playing around with taglines, but I was thinking something like ‘Water Nouveau’ as a play on Art Nouveau. Meh, work in progress.