Bliss- Weekend 1

This past weekend was packed with home renovation related work, all of which took place as I tried to keep my mind thinking about my Bliss homework. While I was searching hardware department stores for wall paint colors, I found myself slipping paint swatches into my purse, specifically for my Bliss sketchbook. Every time I went out, I was scoping the advertisements and bottles within my sight. I spent a good 2 hours at Barnes and Nobles flipping through a lot of magazines in order to find decent drink ads that appealed to me artistically. I spent hours on font sites collecting all the styles that interested me, so I could use them as reference. By Sunday night I had all of my supplies, reference/examples and reading materials, but I still hadn’t decided my target demographic. With little time to spare, I decided to start sketching some logos, hoping that ideas would come after. Every time I tried to design a grunge, urban or a more ‘risqué’ logo, they ended up looking organic. It was really frustrating. I wanted to create something a little more ‘edgy’, but my hand would only let me draw fluid shapes. Art Nouveau has always been a strong influence on my illustrative work, I don’t see why I thought it would be any different in my design work. It seemed fitting that I wrote my ‘favorite artist paragraph’ on Alphonse Mucha because, while he did not associate himself with the movement, his poster designs embodied the beauty of Art Nouveau. So in the end, I went back to my all time favorite inspiration and created logos that had an Art Nouveau feel to them. Perhaps I will go all out and create package designs/lables like Mucha’s ads.

On a side note that has no relevance to Bliss or work at DDA…I set up a small trap outside DDA for our favorite lizard. Hopefully it will work so I can take him home with me.