Sometimes you just can’t really think of any ‘blog worthy’ posts. Or at least, anything that you yourself find interesting enough to post about. Not everyone is aware that they are or their work is interesting to others. I don’t know how many out there are curious about me or what I do, but regardless of any outside inquiries I know I am interesting. I have had an unusual upbringing, whether it is good or bad I won’t say, and that judgment isn’t yours to make. Because of my beginnings I am a contradiction, or at least my life concepts sound like they should not or could not go together; but they do. I am at all times introverted and outgoing, I am 100% idealist and 100% realist, I have no hope for the foolishness of man yet I have endless hopes for a better future. Confused yet? Welcome to the club.

Throughout life, in all of its ups and downs, there has been one tangible constant; art. Art helped move me through the good and the bad. Of course now I sometimes feel I would rather be at home doing art than doing something else.

The thing I loved about art college was the fact that we lived art. There was not a second of the day that we were not thinking about, learning how to or making art. For 4 years I was in a very stressful, tiring heaven. I wish I could go back.

College didn’t prepare us well for life on the outside. They gave us a glimpse of life as a freelancer, but what about those who had no interest in freelancing? We were thrown to the wolves, left to fend for ourselves and find a ‘day’ job while we tried ‘making it’ with our art. “HAH!”

I was truly blessed to become a part of DDA.