Calendar Project

FIVE MORE DAYS, and I’ll be sitting in a night class learning about Graphic Design.

In other news, I’ve been working on the calendar project for the past few days. It’s moving along very quickly, which is great because we have a very tight schedule. I have to admit, that when ‘Andy Warhol’ was mentioned as an artist to look at in regards to the design, my stomach churned. Of all the ‘modern’ art I learned about in college, his was one of my least favorite. However, despite my personal artistic views, I had to push them aside and work with it. A few designs later and I was pleased to find the concept wouldn’t be unbearable to work with; it even looked kind of good. A few more designs later and I was happy that the look I was trying to achieve was so easy. (It also could be that there is not a terrible amount of complexity behind the given artist’s work.) Now a design has been flushed out and is awaiting approval. The client enjoyed one of the earlier versions, so we are hoping to get the ‘A-OK’ on this one. Once a design is approved, things will move very quickly, and I have high hopes that we will meet the almost improbable deadline.