Coffee with DDA

There has been some more excitement at DDA with the new DDA Coffee section. What started off as a very simple coffee break idea was complicated by ideas of how to make it more interactive. As it stands, Coffee with DDA will give you two options, coffee and cappuccino. If you choose coffee, you will be able to put cream and sugar into it, grab a treat, arrange your cup and plate, leaving a mess behind, and finally clean up after yourself. The cappuccino option will be similar in all but the cream and sugar step. If we can implement everything efficiently, the user will be able to draw into the cappuccino foam. Most of the concept screens are completed, and soon it will be left up to our flash experts to see this concept through! Go flash team! (I wish I were a part of you, because I want to animate this!)

I have no doubt that they, the flash guys, will make things work better than I envision. I was blown away at the small details our flash expert, Rob, put into a ‘comic’ styled flash piece about a patch ‘super hero’. Little sound effects and motion blurs here and there made everything so much more alive, so I can’t wait to see what the Coffee section will look like!

12 more DDA days until my graphic design class starts.