Dancing Feet

This weekend was busy with packing, moving stuff, watching a movie, a family party and a shooting range. I spent most of Friday morning trying to get as much of my home business work completed before all the action would start. I had to sneak in some packing here and there, but got what was absolutely needed done to a point where I could not longer work on it. In the late afternoon to evening I was trying to empty as much of my ‘art studio’ as possible in order to make the movie deadline I had planned with my cousin, who comes home from the air force only so often. Saturday was pretty shot due to my other cousin’s sweet sixteen party scheduled in the middle of the day. My (air force) cousin and I planned a trip to the indoor shooting range, Target World, where I shot targets for the first time in my life. (YAY) Apparently I did pretty well with the 22 caliber rifle and an authentic 30 caliber carbine. (I’m definitely going again) Time at Target World was too short, but we had to make the party, even if we were fashionable late. The party was full of delicious Puerto Rican foods. Very very good. After the sweet sixteen party I went home to pack up more of my ‘art studio’ so we could load up the truck first thing Sunday morning. Sunday pretty much consisted of packing up the truck, going up and down stairs countless times, unloading and cleaning. (..yay)

So now that I am back at work my body has to readjust to the DDA work-style, which is basically sitting all day and looking deep into my computer screen. I know I’ve commented on that before, but it’s funny how much more aware I am of sitting all day now that I had an entire weekend of literal running around. I catch my feet trying to scurry away, but in the end the only get so far. Most of today was spent updating a steel site’s menu and PDFs. I think my feet were dancing when I got so involved with adding the html code because my chair shifted a few times. Unfortunately by the time I realized I was moving and tore myself away from my screen to pay attention to anything else, they had already stopped. It’s a conspiracy. Or maybe I’m just ADHD, I don’t really know. Op, they’re at it again!