Dreaming of You

You know, I talk about what I do at DDA, what I’d like to do at DDA and what type of art I’d like to do in general, but I never really talk about the equipment I’d like to do them on. So let’s.

The Computer
Hands down, I am a Mac geek. I may not be the first in line to buy their products, but I definitely do buy them (after the inevitable bugs are fixed). Currently I work on three different Mac machines; Intel iMac (work), PPC G4, and a powerbook laptop (which gets most of the ‘at home work’ action). With the exception of the iMac, I never have any problems with my Apple computers, at least until Mac went intel. Now that CS3 is out, and I have purchased my own copy, I find that I am going to have to buy yet another Mac. Working with an iMac at DDA has opened my eyes to how they are not the best choice for my ideal computer. I can’t do anything with the hardware; I can’t put any hard drives in, add more USB ports, upgrade my video card, etc. But it is clear that, while I am angry about it, I will need to buy an intel based Mac if I want to keep up with all the new software. (You treated me well PPC, but obviously Apple hates you now and has thrown you out like a leprous child.) SO, the only option left to me now is a Mac Pro. It will give me all the room I need to soup it up as I did with my G4. (God bless RAM)

The Screen
Now, as long as I am going on about what I’d like, I might as well be honest. Working on DDA’s 24 inch iMac has completely spoiled me. I’m sure many of you can understand the pain of working with a monitor larger than your head at work…and then going home to a teeny 15 inch screen. Yes, it is extremely painful AND takes all my energy to suppress my frustration. So I’m going to dream of jumping from a 15 inch screen to Apple’s 30 inch cinema display. And ideally, I’d have two. (Hey, I can dream)

The Accessories
Well, I’m not going to go too in detail b/c I’d be here forever, but as for necessities goes a mighty mouse and perhaps another TB External? I’d like to set up a HD exclusively to automatically save everything on my main HD. You never know when your computer will spontaneously combust. I have one TB which I partitioned into two 500 gig HDs so my art files would be saved twice. I have a 500 gig HD that is dedicated to multimedia files of entertainment and pleasure, but I need to back that up because I’m running out of space. And I have various lesser capacity HDs that aren’t worth detailing.

The Software
As I stated before, I have CS3. But I failed to mention that I have CS3, the Master Collection. This collection includes: Adobe InDesign® CS3, Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended, Adobe Illustrator® CS3, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS3, Adobe Fireworks® CS3, Adobe Contribute®, Adobe After Effects® CS3 Professional, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3, Adobe Soundbooth® CS3, and Adobe Encore® CS3. Now all I need is Final Cut Pro and I’m set! Oh, and Microsoft Office.

With all these elements combined I may just be able to rule to world…or create awesome art without the pain and frustration of not enough memory or HD space on a tiny screen.