Dreams for the Future

I had big plans for this past weekend and lots of art projects lined up. I had an ad for spanish magazines to finish, two large formatted graphics to start for a show this coming weekend, two books that are near completion, a website store front that needed revamping, postcards and business cards that needed to get sent to my printer, hotels and flights to book and a huge number of various other pending projects that never seem to see the light of day anymore. All these projects lined up and I planned to get most of them done. HAH! I say again, HAH! The weekend proved to be unproductive in my art hopes. Instead I ended up devoting most of my weekend to organizing the catastrophe I call a living space. The previous months of traveling every other weekend had my room covered in piles of leftover paper work, receipts and art based supplies. I had been prolonging the inevitable for so long it kept building up and I dreaded the thought of beginning the organization process. It was time. It doubled as a packing session as well. (We are in the process of moving) Two days into the mass cleaning/packing and I had only gotten through half of my room! I started to think how nice it would be to have my own employees like those who work at DDA.

I would have so much more time to do what I’m best at if there were people working for me in my personal business. Also, my business would look and feel a lot more professional. Any writer from DDA would be a valuable asset to write SEO friendly content for my 3 existing websites and also proof/edit my 7 ongoing story concepts. DDA’s capable programmers could easily transform any of my website desires into reality. The video/animation department could take care of any sort of flash project I’ve been dying to do. Such as a flash art gallery and monthly animations of my StiTcheS character’s new band, the Screaming Bunnies. They could also make me look really good on camera for a little video interactivity on my main gallery site. I’m sure they’d get my good side. I would feel less like a chicken with my head cut off if I had someone half as organized and thorough as DDA’s SEM specialists handling all my paperwork and online documentation/information. And finally, even though I love designing in all aspects of my business, it would be great to have any one of our capable and seasoned designers to work on any one of my packaging, magazine, trade show, poster, mailer or website design projects. It is safe to say that I would trust any one of DDA’s personnel to work with my personal business projects, and that is saying a lot. I am a firm believer in the age old saying, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Although it’s just a passing thought, I can’t help but dream about such exceptionally varied skills and talents working for my business. Maybe one day…