Every Day is a New Adventure

Not all projects are ideal ones. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I had all the freedoms when working on certain projects. At times I work with companies’ whose logos are unattractive in style and color and I find myself wishing that I could alter them slightly in order to better facilitate my preferred design tastes. There are also the projects that look really nice in concept, with all the stock photos specifically chosen to accentuate the approved colors and design, only to have them switched out last minute with lesser quality images. Other projects start off really strong, and the design is beautiful…until the client requests that we place a large, horribly designed seal on every page and directly takes away from the initial, meticulous lay out.

Whatever my plight may be, there is hardly ever chance of complete design freedom, which forces me to work within a certain structure. When working within limits I find myself thinking differently than I would normally, with freedoms. I am forced to find ways to make the graphics, colors or logos work with a good design, or vice versa. Working like this always presents new challenges and I tend to discover new things. I may discover that colors once thought to never go with each other don’t look so bad together after all. Or perhaps I may learn that certain ‘taboos’ in design can be accepted with particular projects. I may also learn that sometimes I just have to quietly comply with a client’s lack of artistic and aesthetic understanding.

Yes, every day is a new adventure.