First Times

There is always a first time for everything; especially when you are open to learning. This week I’ve been learning more about implementing shopping carts to a site. While I have not been coding the programming part, I have been able to work with these .cfm files to design navigational or cart buttons. Through testing out the shopping cart forms I found that there is so much to a seemingly ‘simple’ thing. The site that we are building a shopping cart for is very small. Without the cart or separate product pages it’s a 5-6 page site. With this cart the site seems to be so complicated! There are now so many files just to support a tiny shopping cart with 6 items. I always wondered why, when searching online, companies would charge so much more for designing a site with a cart. Mystery solved, sort of. Now I know a little more about it, but still not enough. I have a feeling that working more with this project will merit a few more ‘wow’ moments.

I would eventually like to take time to dissect the many .cfm files of a shopping cart to determine which ones need to be altered. I hope that there are files that simply need exist and can take care of themselves. I suppose my next step would be to Google some online tutorials! I have a feeling this will be a long and frustrating process.