Flash Tutorial I

This past weekend I decided it was high time to explore the world of Flash. There was only so much I could explore within restricted time limits of 2-4 hours each, but I did my best. I read an online tutorial that taught me how to create a dynamic gallery using action scripts. Funnily enough, I already knew about functions from my (limited) dissections of html/javascript 4-5 years ago. Because I had a basic understanding of how they worked already, I was able to get my buttons working properly with ease. There is so much more I want to learn, but I have to take baby steps. Although my good luck ran out when I tried to code text to appear with the gallery image once you click on a button. I have a feeling it wasn’t due to the coding but rather my textedit program because it refused to save my files as .txt documents. I will have to test out my theory tonight. (If I can remember)

I tend to like portfolio galleries that pre-load and whenever your mouse rolls over a button the image will appear in a designated box on the same page…but if there are too many images it takes forever to load. The gallery tutorial that I am working with now loads per click. I may decide to stick with this or I may decide to stay with the roll over function and then be able to click on the button to open an even larger view. Again, I’ll have to decide once I have a page working properly. After I get a page to work right I have to figure out how to place it into my html page.

I wish that everyone would update their computers at one time. It is frustrating when making online portfolios because you have to take into consideration everyone’s screen size. I have my screen set at a pretty good resolution, which is 1280 x 800? Well around there. The images in the gallery window always end up being around 500 pixels in height for the convenience of those who have a low res monitor. (So they don’t have to scroll down to see the entire image.) This isn’t fair to the rest of us who look at these same portfolios and the images end up being tiny things on our screens. There is so much detail that is lost when the image appears small like that.