Good bye California

This past weekend I traveled to California on business. I was originally supposed to go to Georgia, but with two warring business possibilities, I ended up choosing California sunshine over the ‘good ‘ol south’. I was very happy I did. I stayed with a friend who works for Air 2 Water, a new company that makes ‘de-humidifiers’ that convert the moisture in the air into pure, drinkable water. She showed me the paperwork, brochures and website and I was impressed with the product; the design of all the literature was another story. I took my chance to tell her about DDA, and how we could easily create visually appealing and stimulating literature that would speak volumes about their product, even before anyone actually read anything. I mentioned all the services we offered, from website to video, and I definitely sold her on DDA. Who knows, perhaps her boss will ‘mysteriously’ hear about us?