Heat Wave

The hottest weekend of the year, which also broke the heat record since the 1930′s, was apparently the best weekend to lose power. Saturday rolled around and we installed the AC unit in my room so I could be prepared for the massive heat wave the weekend would bring. Twenty minutes later my electricity went out. I thought at first it was a fuse, but learned the whole house was out. Minutes later we came to find that it wasn’t just our house but our entire block that was out of power, and for whatever reason, the electricity wouldn’t be back for hours. That’s when mom and I decided it was time to abandon our house and go ‘out’. It’s amazing how much work I do on a computer and how a whole day’s work can be wasted without electricity. On Saturday and Sunday the electrical kept coming in and out, in and out. Trying to watch a movie was just as painful as trying to get any real work done, especially at night.

Now that Monday has rolled around I’m glad to be in the office and out of the heat. It feels refreshing to be able to work on a computer without worrying if it will shut down in the next few minutes. Although the nature of my work is different at DDA than it is at home, it is still ‘art’ and I always enjoy art. I am currently listening to my music, which is heavy metal at the moment, and am working on various projects. I finished taking some product photography, wrapped up a few updates to a site, added a new page to a spec sheet and will be starting a new spec sheet shortly.

Stay tuned in tomorrow for Internet Trek’s smashing finale!