How I Work

As a ‘fantastical’ illustrator, I tend to draw images from my head. I like to start with a drawing an oval for the head and then quickly mapping the body out with lines that become generic shapes. The shapes eventually turn into body parts and the body parts are clothed. I like to work that way for full body illustrations because otherwise, the body might extend off the page. If I am just drawing for fun, I tend to draw faces, since I love drawing facial expressions and elaborating on them.

I have found myself using a sort of ‘pattern’ to my design work. When designing for Dynamic Digital Advertising, I usually start with the logo. I get a feel for the logo and what it, as a design element, says to me. Then I try extend the logo’s ‘expression’ through the rest of the design. Sometimes I get to play around with colors and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on how ‘set’ the client is about their corporate identity. Before I get too far into the design I have to pay attention to the content. Mostly how much there is and how many headers, sub headers, bullets and menus (if web design) there are. More often than naught, the client will try and fit as much content as possible in and then expect the design to look just as good. Fortunately our clients trust us when we finally do come out and say, “There may be too much content for the space.”

After an initial design is done, it is reviewed in house and, if approved, sent to the client for feedback. We are always open to tweaks in the design at this stage and will take into consideration almost anything the client suggests. If the design is not approved in house, I tweak and tweak until it is approved.