I Can’t Wait

It’s amazing what you learn to appreciate. Before I became gung-ho about creating aesthetically pleasing and functional websites for my personal work, I didn’t really pay attention to how a site was built. Why should I have if it weren’t an interesting topic to me, right? I could differentiate the sites I liked from the sites that I didn’t, but not technically. It was more of a ‘feeling’.

I tried my best at a few designs, but they were always obviously grid based. I was more concerned with learning how to code than to really focus on the design of the site. I learned quickly that building in frames is bad news, no matter how ‘easy’ it was supposed to make things in the long run. Through many painstaking weeks I learned to search online for what you wanted to use, grab the code and work backwards to try and figure out how it functioned. It wasn’t until I started working with templates in Photoshop that I started to really put the two sides, design and coding, together. It was possible to create any design and, through the use of many tables and proper coding, make it a cohesive, functioning site.

I now have three sites for my personal work, soon to be four, when I finally decide on my layout and functionality. Very like me, I will learn new techniques with this upcoming web project. It calls for Flash, which is something I always meant to learn, but never sat myself down to work through it. I can already tell that this site will require me to extend web building skill further than I have ever done. I can’t wait.