I Wish I Had…

Caffeine drops that have no taste at all. Throughout the day I refrain from drinking coffee in order to sustain a sense of ‘awake’. I have to admit that I’ve had my fair share of days that don’t start off as perky as I’d like. Caffeinated teas don’t quite cut it and I’m not a big soda or energy drink person. I like my teas, they have various flavors that make my mouth happy. I especially enjoy Yogi Tea – Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant, Sakura Tea, Raspberry teas, and many other herbal teas. I’m big on keeping flavors pure and will never, ever add sugar, honey or milk – yuck! Nope, straight from the source and as natural as possible is what I enjoy, but what about helping to keep me awake? Well, my favorite teas don’t really help in that area, which is why I need flavorless caffeine drops to put into it! Sure, it’s a horrible idea if you think of what could potentially go wrong with overdose, but for the responsible person, flavorless caffeine drops should be available.

Just imagine…you’re at your computer proofing a whole bunch of code when suddenly, it all looks the same. Your mind goes blank and your eyes start to blur. Add a few drops into that cup of water and snap back into shape. Or how about when you have to add a single line of html to over 200 pages? Drop, drop. I could have really used the flavorless caffeinated drops when I had to resized around 400 images in photoshop and it wasn’t quite as simple as making an action and batching the folder. Yeah, if only.

Either that or I could hook myself up to a zapper machine that sends low volts of electricity into my body every time I feel sleepy… I think I will stick with my first idea. I’m not such a fan of physical pain.