If Only Theme Parks Worked Like DDA

This past weekend I visited a friend in VA so we could take turns photographing each other in hand made costumes. (It’s a silly hobby of ours) Since it was above 90°F we randomly went to Six Flags instead. It was unplanned and very unexpected for both my friend, Frances, and myself, but we went hoping to get a lot of roller coaster time in. First we went on the water rides so we were cool and wet for most of the hot afternoon and then we alloted time for pure roller coaster fun. We ended up only being able to ride two roller coasters because the line wait was horrible.

The actual lines were not bad. In fact we easily passed the 90 and 60 minute wait time signs. When we came to the 30 min sign, we found ourselves getting cranky. The line seemed to stop completely. The estimated time of waiting quickly passed and we found ourselves waiting double that. People in the far back of the lines were getting so angry that they were cutting in front of everyone, which made everyone else even angrier. When we were about 6-8th in line for the first row of the ride, we found why it was taking so long. ‘Flash Pass’. Basically a flash pass lets you enjoy the rides without the wait, for an extra fee. What should have taken 6 turns to get to us took 12-14, depending on how many flash pass people there were. A 10 minute wait to get onto the ride took an hour. And that was the good ride!

The next ride was just as bad, and just when we thought we were next in line to get on the ride, it broke down. We were right there, literally. We had to wait an extra ‘X’ amount of time before the test runs were complete. I took a nap so I don’t remember how long we were waiting in all.

Efficiency makes everything a better experience. If the design of the lines were more defined and the workers who staffed pulled their weight and the concept of the flash pass was thought out better, everyone would have been so much happier. We saw many things in our long line wait that could have been done better. At Dynamic Digital Advertising we problem solve in the beginning to find the most efficient ways possible to save our clients from having a horrible experience like Frances and I had.