I’m the Client

I may be behind the scenes at DDA, but I am also a client. As a professional artist I have had many things sent to a printer; business cards, postcards, flyers, trade show graphics, etc. I usually want my products printed right and as fast as possible. I expect to be updated on my project and see good results. Unfortunately, things hardly ever go as hoped. For instance, I requested a plastic bag quote back in early February, from some un-named vendor, and they STILL have not given me a quote. They keep telling me that they are “working on it”. In order to get any answers from them, I have to keep hounding them. My impression is that they are not professional and I would never recommend them. My trade show graphic was ordered in early march and I have received no word as to the progress of that as well. This makes me really angry. How difficult is it to just email me and say that you are behind schedule? I also understand that they might have forgotten about my order…but at least correct the situation after I have emailed an inquiry.

At DDA, we keep our clients informed and respond very quickly to their inquiries. This is the type of service I fully expect to receive as a client. However, not many places are as professional as DDA.