Internet Trek: Log 0000002

Internet, the not so final frontier. These are the voyages of the DDA Enterprise. Its lifelong mission: to optimize insanely large websites, to offer you the design services you’ve only ever thought of in the middle of a dull girly movie, to boldly go where no advertising agency has gone before.

We last left DDA Enterprise with tons to produce in a short amount of time. To make things worse, the bosses were out on a mission to destroy the interweb-galactic space turtle squirrels who were eating our shrubbery. We set out right away to clone every person on the DDA Enterprise. We had tried and failed once before, but failure was not an option for us now. The writers (squared) started dividing up the work between each other while their clones took an exceptionally long coffee break in the holographic cafe, Netbucks. The designers and their clones fought over who would design what and how until only one had survived the very hi-tech and violent game of Rock, Paper, Death. The SEO specialists and programmers donned their coffee IV and set it them inject the caffeine directly into their bodies.

After working 24/7 for two days straight, with very few breaks and hardly any sleep the designers and writers submitted materials, via the interweb, in for the Generically Medical-ites to provide feedback on. Five minutes went by and no reply. Fifteen. A half hour passed and no response came. Two hours later and still nothing!

What will the DDA Enterprise do? Two days passed and with only three more days to go, how will they make the deadline?