Internet Trek: Log 0000003

Internet, the not so final frontier. These are the voyages of the DDA Enterprise. Its lifelong mission: to write more keyword saturated content than the web can handle, to leap small programming matrices in a single bound…literally,  to boldly go where no advertising agency has gone before.

With one day left until the deadline, the Generically Corporate Medical-ites still had not replied. All employees and employee clones at DDA anxiously awaited a reply while biting their finger nails and playing 3D Ping Pong Jacks at the same time. A half hour before the work day was about to end, the Medical-ites replied with their feedback and apologized for not responding to our numerous inquiries; they had been out on ‘business’. They still demanded the deadline be met and we had just gotten feedback for the first run of proofs. Fortunately for us, they enthusiastically approved all submitted materials, now we had to build out the website, place in the content, program the interactivity and make it live, and then design the full resolution brochure and trade show graphic, place the proper content into those designs and send the print order. All looked improbable. We would need at least another day to do all that work, even with all of our clones. That is when our bosses came to the rescue! They had vanquished the shrubbery eating interweb-galactic space turtle squirrels and returned to find us in quite a pickled jam. “Hit the RED BUTTON” our boss ordered. We had never, ever used the RED BUTTON before, but now was as good a time as any.

When the RED BUTTON was pressed we shot into hyper space, traveling at 3X light speed. The plan was to remain at light speed until the work was complete so no time would pass for the Generically Corporate Medical-ites. It was a risky plan, but there seemed to be no other choice. With only ten hours to spare, we cloned the clones and set to work.

Finally, we had finished. Everything was complete and to celebrate, we burned the clones in an explosion of fireworks. We came out of light speed and presented all of the materials to the client. Just as we had predicted, no time had passed since our last inter web email. Five minutes until the work day was about to end, we received another enthusiastic response from them saying they loved everything. Just as we thought it was at an end, they Generically Corporate Medical-ites emailed again to add that they just wanted to have a few things about the designs altered, even after approval. According to them, we had enough time because they had gotten their deadline date wrong in the first place.