Internet Trek

Internet, the not so final frontier. These are the voyages of the DDA Enterprise. Its lifelong mission: to design strange new websites, to record new videos and code crazy flash animations, to boldly go where no advertising agency has gone before…yet. Maybe?

Today’s blog, er…log begins with an alien client from a different zip code. The Generically Corporate Medical-ites have come seeking our assistance. By chance they came across our site via the internet. Little do they know, they did no come across our site, Dynamic Digital Advertising, by ‘chance’. Through our superior knowledge of the interwebs, we implant ‘subliminal’ messages into internet databases called ‘keywords’. It is because of these ‘keywords’ that search engines point to us. Anyhow, the Medical-ites need a number of services to help their company expand. First, they want a medical website custom designed to span the width of a 130847 screen resolution, the next job is to design a brochure to be printed on translucent paper and finally design and print a million by million nanometer trade show graphic. Negotiations last three days. A battle of honor is battling it out in a melee tournament of Hydro Battleship and a two day long game of Cyber Canasta, we came to an agreement. Now the job was ours we had to work at getting them everything they needed in one week.

Can DDA Enterprise get the job done, or will they be forced to withdraw into certain internet rank loss? To be continued in tomorrow’s blog, I mean log.