Laughing and Loving It

Sometimes I laugh when I should cry or laugh when I probably shouldn’t. Life has no guarantees except that all life eventually dies. Life doesn’t promise you a happy or easy time on earth, even if you ‘work’ hard for it. It can’t promise that it will deal you a decent hand in any facet of your life: Family, friends, work, etc. So how can such fragile creatures (us) go on living in such an uncertain world? The song lyrics “Don’t worry, be happy” come to mind, no matter how cheesy it sounds. The ‘Don’t worry’ part doesn’t mean be irresponsible or disregard consequences of your choices, it simply means to not let things, stress for example, get to you. What will getting flustered do to improve your performance? Nada. The “Don’t worry be happy” philosophy of life is a lot easier when you know it’s OK to laugh at the ironies of life.

I was just forwarded a request from a client for a website change on a project we just launched a week ago. I had to laugh at it because the change desired should have been addressed pre-build out; in the proofing stage. I really haven’t taken a good look at it, but it could be more work than the the client realizes. Yesterday we were rushed over 400 images that needed the backgrounds removed, resizing and saving a special way for the website. As Elise was telling me this I imagined the work it would involve, but I didn’t get an overwhelming feeling. I just laughed at the work ahead of me and thought about how I could do the job the most efficient way. (Thankfully that story had a happy middle and we’ve pretty much completed the 425 image project.) I was also sent an 8 page document that needs to fit on a 3.5 newsletter layout. Laugh, cut, paste, and work with it. Yup, making it work is what DDA is all about. Of course we get to laugh about it first.