Long Days?

When I tell people that I work 10 hour days, their eyes tend to get a little larger in disbelief. Of course I add that I work 4 days a week and that puts them more at ease, but they still usually have something to say about my 10 hour days. As an artist, I find nothing terribly wrong with 10 hour days because art, in general, is very demanding of time. (The 1.5-2 hours of commute is another story however.) I had 6 hour long classes in college and sometimes that wasn’t enough to really get into the assignments.

DDA’s design team usually creates 2-3 website comps that we show to the client. These 2-3 designs can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to lay out, depending on how involved the site is. And that time is not including the finished version of the site design, the time it takes to slice the custom tailored template specifically for web build out purposes, putting together an html version of the design with working roll overs and the final build out of the pages. And all of this isn’t including the writer’s content/optimization writing or proofing time, the video department’s time to create flash or video based work for the site (if any) and the programmer’s time to do all the coding for the site.

We at Dynamic Digital Advertising can have any number of websites, at various stages, being made at once. If you estimate each site at 25-30 hours, multiply that by (let’s just say) 4 sites you have 100-120 hours of just website work. (Not including the sell sheet, logo, brochure, newsletter and postcard designs we designers need to lay out within the same time frame.) And usually all of our clients want everything ‘yesterday’. So 10 hour days don’t sound bad at all. They tend to go pretty quickly and miraculously everything seems to always get done.